January 19, 2012 Show Transcript

Gay Spirit

Thurs 19 Jan 12

Show Started At 9:26PM



Track 10         Music I. Patrick Haggerty: Lavender Country 4’10”

Intro Remarks 4’53”

Music II. Kim Hoffman: Throwing Stones 4’55”

Leonard Pitts On Santorum 4’47”

Music III. Dave Jarvis: After The Rain

Voiceover, Music Up And Out

MCC Hartford Services & Somewhere Coffeehouse

Track 13         Music IV. John Calvi: Illegal Sleeping 3’23”

John Calvi Commentary 2’01”

“Gay Spirit” Blogsite

“Gay Spirit” Theme Music

Voiceover Outro


I read Leonard Pitts’ column, “Santorum’s Views on Gay Marriage ‘Gross,’” sandwiched between historic recordings of songs by lesbian and gay male singer/songwriters from the 1970’s and 1980’s: Patrick Haggerty, Kim Hoffman and John Calvi.