February 9, 2012 Show Transcript

Gay Spirit

Thurs 9 Feb 12



Music I. John Calvi: Better Blatant Than Latent 3’00”

Intro Remarks 3’48”

Track 14         Music II. John Calvi: Blonde 2’17”

AC/DC Blues Commentary 1’38”

Track 3           Music III. George Hannah: Freekish Man Blues 2’49”

Track 1           Music IV. Michael Alan Snyder: Ink Jet Jockey 2’24”

Voiceover, Music Up And Out

Track 9           Music V. Patrick Haggerty: Straight White Patterns 4’21”

Patrick Haggerty/Lavender Country Commentary 1’19”

Track 7           Music VI. Bill McKinley: The Ones Who Aren’t Here 3’45”

Bill McKinley Commentary 1’27”

9th Annual Dorothy Awards

MCC Hartford Services & Somewhere Coffeehouse

“Gay Spirit” Theme Music

Voiceover Outro


We continue this Thursday with our survey of the history of gay recorded music, esp. gay song with a Hartford angle: John Calvi performing at the Somewhere Coffeehouse, Bill McKinley covering John’s “Ones Who Aren’t Here,” Jazz-era vocalist George Hannah’s “Freekish Man Blues,” all that plus Patrick Haggerty’s “Straight White Patterns” from 1973.