About the Gay Spirit Radio Archive Project


Youth staff who worked on the media preservation project: Jayme Bagot, Isaac Simms, Terrell Sherman, Chardonnay Mann, and Gabrielle Bagot.

Gay Spirit Radio Archive Project joins a growing list of projects focusing on the collective histories of LGBTQ people that reflects renewed interest among the public both young and old. The digital archive located at contains audio from Gay Spirit, America’s longest continuously running LGBTQ radio show. Keith Brown, Gay Spirit’s producer airs Gay Spirit every Thursday from 8:30 – 9:00 PM at WWUH on the campus of the University of Hartford. Programming includes news, interviews, and entertainment featuring local and national figures such as LGBTQ youth rights activists, authors, social justice advocates, entertainers and many more.

The Gay Spirit Radio Archive Project will create a digital archive containing the weekly broadcast audio recordings, written program logs, LGBTQ history and associate cultural heritage to promote multidisciplinary research in the fields of gender and sexuality studies and various other disciplines. The website currently offers digital stories divided into four themes: Civil Rights, HIV/AIDS, Entertainment and Youth Engagement.

We encourage you to contact us with questions and feedback, and to let us know how you are using the site.