March 8, 2012 Show Transcript

Gay Spirit

Thurs 8 Mar 12



Track 5           Music I. Ryan Cassata: Sparkle Life The Sea 2’26”

Intro Remarks 4’46”

Kathy Engledulac/Trans Youth Group 9’50”

Music II. Ryan Cassata: The Trans Slam 1’00”

Trans Slam Commentary 52 sec

Hide & Seek Sounder 1’22”

Our True Colors XIX Conference

MCC Hartford Services

“Gay Spirit” Blogsite

“Gay Spirit” Theme Music

Voiceover Outro


The nineteenth annual True Colors youth conference approaches as I talk with one of the youth advocacy organization’s interns Kathy Engle Dulac who is facilitating a newly formed trans youth group. My interview with her is complemented by a love song and “trans slam” poem by teenage trans activist and singer/songwriter Ryan Cassata.