January 5, 2012 Show Transcript

Show Started At 9:??PM

Gay Spirit Thurs 5 Jan 12



Track 1           Music I. Mama’s Black Sheep: Think About You 2’??”

Intro Remarks 6’48”

Music II. John Raymond Pollard: Consequences 4’45”

Track 6           Music III. Michael Alan Snyder: Quick Silver Va?

Music Up And Out 30 sec

Poems At Christmas, 2011 By Perry Brass 6’36”

Music Up And Out 30 sec

Linq Commentary 2’05”

Track 5           Music IV. Linq: Lady of the Night 3’12”

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“Gay Spirit” Theme Music

Voiceover Outro


This first program of 2012 presents my “best of lesbian/gay recordings of 2011.” Featured are Laura Cerulli and Ashland Miller of Mama’s Black Sheep, John Raymond Pollard’s Perfect CD, an electronic soundscape from Michael Alan Snyder and a track by Linq (aka Diane Lincoln). I also read Three Poems at Christmas 2011 by Perry Brass.