February 23, 2012 Show Transcript

Gay Spirit

Thurs 23 Feb 12



Track 13         Music I. Tom Wilson Weinberg: Gay Namegame 4’31”

Intro Remarks 5’53”

Track 2           Music II. Michael Alan Snyder: Transport To Savory Lane

Voiceover, Music Up And Out

Extraordinary Life: John Barlow 8’00”

Hide & Seek Sounder 1‘22”

True Colors XIX Conference

9th Annual Dorothy Awards

MCC Hartford Services & Somewhere Coffeehouse

“Gay Spirit” Theme Music

Voiceover Outro


First we play the “Gay Name Game” with songwriter Tom Wilson. (It’s the title song to his pioneering album of provocative gay song material from 1978.) Then I read a biographical sketch of John Barlow, well known in Hartford’s LGBT community, who died last year at age 77.