February 16, 2012 Show Transcript

Gay Spirit

Thurs 16 Feb 12



Track 3           Music I. Ryan Cassata: Wonderful, Beautiful 3’35”

Intro Remarks 5’50”

Track 2           Music II. Michael Alan Snyder: Bio Perception of Time

Voiceover, Music Up And Out

Wayne Besen: GOP’s Fringe Binge 7’57”

Track 12         Music III. Tom Wilson: My Leviticus 2’42”

Tom Wilson Weinberg Commentary 1’30”

9th Annual Dorothy Awards

MCC Hartford Services & Somewhere Coffeehouse

“Gay Spirit” Blogsite

“Gay Spirit” Theme Music

Voiceover Outro


Following a lovesong fr. Teenage trans musician & activist Ryan Cassata, I read Wayne Besen’s “Anything But Straight” column about the GOP “fringe binge.” Besen surveys the current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls, focusing on the nutty religious fanatic Rick Santorum.